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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.


9 Palestinians Massacred in Jenin, a Protester Murdered in Ramallah by Israeli Occupation Regime Soldiers

Seven Israelis were Killed in Retaliation 

January 27, 2023 

Editor's Note:

" ٰ  ٰ "  ( 5: 32).

"Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, unless for a soul, or for corruption in the land, it is as if he had killed humankind entirely" (The Holy Quran, Al-Ma-ida, 5: 32).


While brutal force has been used to create Zionist Israel and sustain it thus far, Zionist claims to Palestine are false. Actually, from the five thousand years of known written history, there has been a continuous Palestinian-Canaanite presence in the Holy Land. Despite the Zionist false claims, the ancient Israelites ruled part of the land for only 85 years (during the reign of David, Solomon, and Solomon's son).

 After that, the Egyptians conquered Palestine-Canaan in 925 BC, followed by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, before the Arab Muslim rule, starting from 636 AD.

By the Time Jesus started his mission, the three population groups of Canaanites, Palestinians, and Israelites were melted together in religion and language. Most of them became Christians when Constantine converted in 313 AD. Then, most of them became Muslims in the 7th and 8th centuries AD.

So, Palestinian Muslims, Christians, and Jews are the ones who have the right to claim descent from ancient Israelites, Palestinians, and Canaanites, not Zionists from other continents.

The following news stories are just examples, not a systematic record, of the Israeli occupation government abuse, mistreatment, and violations of Palestinian human rights, on daily basis.

More detailed news stories can be found at the following sources:,,,

The nine Palestinian martyrs who were massacred by Israeli occupation regime soldiers in Jenin, on January 26, 2023

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Yoosuf Ya'hya Abdul-Kareem Mu'haisin, 22, was killed by Israeli occupation soldiers, during a protest near Ramallah, January 26, 2023 imemc

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  Tens of thousands of Palestinians attend the funeral of the nine martyrs who were massacred by Israeli occupation soldiers in Jenin, on January 26, 2023
This building was destroyed during the raid of the Israeli occupation soldiers on Jenin, in which 9 Palestinians were massacred, on January 26, 2023 Palestinian children throwing stones at an Israeli bulldozer, which was used in demolishing buildings in Jenin, during the raid, in which 9 Palestinians were massacred, on January 26, 2023

Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Near Jerusalem

 Imemc, January 26, 2023

On Thursday,  Israeli occupation regime soldiers killed a young Palestinian man near Ramallah in the central West Bank, during a procession condemning the Israeli onslaught on Jenin, leading to the death of nine Palestinians, including one woman and two siblings.

The soldiers attacked the Palestinians with live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades.

Medical sources said the soldiers killed a young man, Yoosuf Ya'hya Abdul-Kareem Mu'haisin, 22, after shooting him with a live round in the abdomen.

Palestinian medics rushed Yoosuf to Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, but he succumbed to his serious wounds despite all efforts to save his life.

The soldiers also shot three Palestinians with live fire and caused many to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Also Thursday, Israeli soldiers killed nine Palestinians, including siblings and one woman, and injured dozens of Palestinians, some seriously, during a massive offensive on Jenin city and the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank.

In the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian child, Nayef Oweidat, 13, died from serious wounds he suffered last year during the Israeli onslaught on the coastal region.


Including Siblings, One Woman; Israeli Army Kills Nine Palestinians In Jenin

 JAN 26, 2023

Israeli occupation soldiers killed, Thursday, nine Palestinians, including siblings and one woman, during a massive offensive on Jenin city and the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank and injured dozens of Palestinians, some seriously.

Dozens of armored military vehicles carried out the invasion before the soldiers stormed several buildings and occupied their rooftops to use as sniper posts and monitoring towers while dozens of undercover soldiers infiltrated the Jenin refugee cam.

During the invasion, the army severed electricity and communications networks while dozens of soldiers surrounded and isolated entire areas.

Hundreds of Palestinians protested the massive invasions and ongoing onslaught on Jenin and its refugee camp before the soldiers fired a barrage of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades,

Various armed resistance groups, including the Al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas, Al-Quds Brigades of the Islamic Jihad, and the Al-Aqsa Brigades of Fateh, said their fighters exchanged fire with the invading Israeli soldiers while several Palestinians hurled explosive charges at the army.

Palestinian fighters of the Al-Quds Brigades said they managed to identify a refrigeration that was altered to carry undercover forces and fired a barrage of live rounds and explosive charges at it.

The Israeli occupation army also used Energa anti-tank bombs against a Palestinian home in the Jenin refugee camp.

The Israeli occupation regime soldiers exchanged fire with armed resistance fighters in the property, killing several Palestinians and severely mutilating their bodies.

The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed that the soldiers killed nine Palestinians, including a woman and two siblings, adding that the soldiers also injured at least twenty, including four who suffered life-threatening wounds.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers shot the woman, Majida Obeid, 61, before ramming her with their jeeps and driving over her body.

The Israeli armored military vehicles also deliberately smashed and destroyed many parked cars and demolished structures, shops, and other facilities.

The Health Ministry added that medics from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) were informed of more injuries but could not reach certain areas of Jenin and its refugee camp due to expensive Israeli military deployment and ongoing offensive.

Dozens of soldiers also surrounded the Jenin governmental hospital and fired many high-velocity gas bombs at it, some striking the childrens ward and the womens ward, causing dozens of injuries, including many children.

The army also stormed and ransacked dozens of homes, buildings, and offices, causing serious damage to walls, furniture, and equipment, including computers and office supplies.

Palestinian Health Minister Dr. Mai Al-Kaila, called for an urgent meeting with the International Red Cross and World Health Organization, urging them to intervene and end the escalating Israeli crimes.

Dr. Al-Kaila also called on the International Community and all legal and human rights groups to end their silence and act on obliging Israel to respect and implement International Law and all related United Nations and Security Council resolutions.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

1. Sa-eb Ma'hmood Al-Zuraiqi, 24, Jenin city.

2. Ezzuddeen Yaseen Sala'hat, 26, Jenin refugee camp.

 3. Abdullah Marwan Al-Ghool, 18, Jenin refugee camp.

4. Waseem Amjad 'Arif Al-Jaas, 22, Jenin refugee camp.

5. Majida 'Obaid, 61, Jenin refugee camp.

6. Mutasim Ma'hmood Abu Al-'Hasan, 40, Al-Yamoon town.

7. Mu'hammed Mahmoud Subi'h, 30, Burqeen town.

8. Mu'hammed Sami Ghunaim, 28, Burqeen town.

9. Noor Sami Ghunaim, 25, from Burqeen.

Including Siblings, One Woman; Israeli Army Kills Nine Palestinians In Jenin IMEMC News


Tens of thousands march in funerals of Jenin martyrs

January 26, 2023, JENIN, (PIC) +-

Tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens in Jenin marched on Thursday in a solemn funeral procession for the martyrs of the Jenin massacre, which was committed by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) earlier in the morning.

The mourners, carrying the bodies of nine martyrs, moved from the Jenin Hospital and marched through the citys streets. Later, the martyrs were buried in cemeteries in the towns of Burqin and Yamun and Jenin refugee camp.

A one-day general strike was declared on Thursday across the West Bank and Jerusalem in mourning for the victims of the Israeli raid on Jenin City and its refugee camp.

The IOF killed on Thursday morning at least nine Palestinians in one of the deadliest days in the occupied West Bank since Israeli raids intensified at the start of last year.

The Palestinian health ministry said that 20 others were wounded with live ammunition in the raid on Jenin refugee camp, which was described by local media as a massacre.

An elderly woman has been reported among the dead, while four among the injured are in critical condition.

Tens of thousands march in funerals of Jenin martyrs (


Nine Palestinians killed in IOF raid in Jenin, including an old woman

January 26, 2023, JENIN, (PIC) +-

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed nine Palestinians and wounded 16 others, some in serious condition, during a raid on Jenin and its refugee camp on Thursday morning.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said that an old woman was among those killed in the IOF raid while 4 of the 16 wounded citizens were in serious condition.

It said that the situation in the refugee camp was very serious and that the ambulance crews could not reach some of the casualties.

Local sources said that IOF soldiers broke into the Jenin government hospital and fired teargas canisters in the pediatric ward. Many children suffered from the teargas fumes, they added.

For her part, the Minister of Health Mai al-Kailah said she called for an urgent meeting with the Red Cross and the World health Organization to halt the Israeli aggression.

She also urged the world community and all human rights organization to immediately intervene and pressure Israel to halt its armys racist practices in Jenin.

Hebrew media reported that IOF special forces stormed the Jenin refugee camp to arrest wanted Palestinians.

The IOF raid was met with resistance on the part of armed wings of different factions in the camp, locals reported, adding that the IOF blocked the entry of ambulance vehicles and cut off the electricity in the camp and its vicinity.

Nine Palestinians killed in IOF raid in Jenin (


Seven Israelis Killed in Jerusalem Shooting Attack

 JAN 28, 2023

On Friday evening, seven Israelis were shot and killed, and ten more were wounded, on the street in front of a synagogue in the Nabi Yacoub settlement in the northern part of Jerusalem. The suspected shooter, a 21-year-old Palestinian, was shot and killed by Israeli police at the scene.

Among the dead were a father and son, and a Ukrainian woman, Israeli sources said.

Update: Israel has officially identified the Israelis as Asher Natan, 14, Eli Mizrahi, 48, Natali Mizrahi, 45, Ilya Sosansky, 26, Rafael Ben Eliyahu, 56, Shaul Hai, 68, and the Ukrainian national as Irina Korolova, 60.

The attack came just a day after ten Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces nine in Jenin and one in Jerusalem. Since the beginning of January, 30 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces, including several children, while no Israelis were killed until this attack.

During the Israeli assault in Jenin Thursday, in addition to killing nine Palestinians, the Israeli military also blocked ambulances from reaching the hospital and fired tear gas into a childrens ward at the hospital.

Fridays shooting took place on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27th.

The Palestinian man who was shot and killed by Israeli police, the suspected shooter in the attack, was identified as 21-year-old Khairi Alkam. According to Al Jazeera, Alkams grandfather and namesake was stabbed to death by an Israeli settler in 1998.

The location of the settlement where the attack took place was Nabi Yacoub colony, which was constructed on illegally-seized Palestinian land in the neighborhood of Silwan. This neighborhood has been the target of massive Israeli expansion and Palestinian displacement in recent years, as Israeli authorities try to remove the Palestinian presence and replace the ancient residents of the neighborhood with newly-arrive Zionist colonizers particularly in the Wadi Hilweh area adjacent to the Al-Aqsa mosque, and in the rest of the Silwan neighborhood.

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir toured the scene of the crime, followed by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The officials held an emergency cabinet meeting.

US President Joe Biden called Netanyahu on Friday night, calling the shooting an attack against the civilized world, and stressed the iron-clad US commitment to Israels security. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is scheduled to visit Israel next week. He said on Friday, The United States condemns in the strongest terms the horrific terrorist attack. We are in close contact with our Israeli partners and reaffirm our unwavering commitment to Israels security.

According to Israeli Channel 12, The perpetrator of the attack in the Jewish synagogue got out of a car and carried out the attack with a pistol in Jerusalem. In addition to the seven killed, ten others were taken to the hospital with injuries ranging from moderate to severe.

The Israeli Kan television station reported, The Israeli security forces are still conducting intensive searches for other perpetrators of the operation in Jerusalem.

Some Israeli media questioned the speed with which the Israeli police arrived on the scene, saying that the Israeli police did not arrive at the scene of the accident until about 20 minutes later. According to those reports, some witnesses said that the police initially believed that the noise came from shots fired in the air from neighborhoods close to occupied Jerusalem.

On Thursday,  Israeli soldiers killed Yousef Yahia Abdul-Karim Mheisin, 22, near Ramallah in the central West Bank, during a procession condemning the Israeli onslaught on Jenin, leading to the killing of nine Palestinians, including one woman and two siblings.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

Saeb Mahmoud Ezreiqi, 24, Jenin city. Ezzeddin Yassin Salahat, 26, Jenin refugee camp. Abdullah Marwan Al-Ghoul, 18, Jenin refugee camp. Wasim Amjad Aref Abu Al-Jaas, 22, Jenin refugee camp. Majeda Obeid, 61, Jenin refugee camp. Motasem Mahmoud Abu Al-Hasan, 40, Al-Yamoun town. Mohammad Mahmoud Sobeh, 30, Burqin town. Mohammad Sami Ghneim, 28, Burqin town. Nour Sami Ghneim, 25, from Burqin.

The soldiers also killed one Palestinian, Yousef Yahia Abdul-Karim Mheisin, 22, in the Al-Ram town, north of occupied Jerusalem in the West Bank, during a procession condemning the Israeli onslaught on Jenin.

Also Thursday, a Palestinian child, Nayef Oweidat, 13, died from serious wounds he suffered last year during the Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip.


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