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Welcome, Mar'haban, Ramadhan

By Fuad Rahman

Free Malaysia, March 25, 2023 

Indonesian Muslims perform an evening prayer called “tarawih” on Wednesday at Istiqlal Mosque
in Jakarta, Indonesia, March 23, 2023 


Marhaban yes Ramadan

I don't know how much Ramadan we've been able to get through. ustaz said, don't let every time the end of Ramadan our sins are not forgiven.

Ramadan arrives again. This is also sustenance. Rezeki for meeting Ramadan. Some do not have time to earn this provision. In addition to worship, the fasting month teaches us to be more prudent in whatever our actions are.

But the reality is it's hard to translate. The logic is that our shopping can be reduced but it happens the other way around because of the lust that oozes every Ramadan.

If you want to list the menu on the bazaar, it's not worth it. Intent to buy meat murtabak but finger beer slinging chicken percik, briyani glue, "power" soup and all-rounder again.

Thrifty intent does exist. With the narrowness of life increasingly gripping, it should be that this intention is so pure to be realized.

The cost of living "versus" mandy rice. Which one would have won? Spotted "live" on Facebook people queuing up to buy it. It's delicious! No matter whose temptation, suddenly you're already in a long queue at that Arab rice stall.

His morning intentions were different. The evening was all over. We lost again. Then blame the ridiculous price of food. Where's the Rahmah menu?

This Ramadan also draws on the story of the past. From day one, we've been on the 1st day of Syawal. One thing, another celebration. Money, ketupat, and lemang. There was no Malay shirt of the star moon.

Our job before breaking is to buy lump ice in the town. Water wrapped in rice husk or sawdust keeps it from melting. We don't have a fridge but if there's no ice syrup on the table, it can be a mess when we break.

"That was a long time ago," says the current generation. It used to be that his life was relaxed. No treasure but a calmer heart than it is now, frantic looking for treasure but never enough to cost iftar hundreds of dollars.

I don't know how much Ramadan we've been able to get through. ustaz said, don't let every time the end of Ramadan our sins are unforgivable, nauzubillah.

We pray our grades of worship are slightly increased during the fasting month this time. We pray to be among the chosen ones to meet the night of laylat al-qadr. We pray to be a people who benefit others. Amen Yes Rob.

Marhaban ya Ramadan | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)





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