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The Gulf War:

Overreaction & Excessiveness

By Hassan A El-Najjar

Amazone Press, 2001

The Root of Subsequent US Invasion of the Middle East

How America was dragged into conflict

 with the Arab and Muslim worlds


Table of Contents

Book Title

Introduction: The Real Story of the 1991 Gulf War 

Chapter 1: The Iraqi Claims of Kuwait 

Chapter 2: The Saudi Big Brother

Chapter 3: Discrimination Against Immigrants

Chapter 4: Arab Nationalism: Two Conflicting Perspectives

Chapter 5: Western Interests and the Gulf War

Chapter 6: The 1990 Crisis Leading to the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait

Chapter 7: America Goes to War

Chapter 8: Peace Initiatives 

Chapter 9: The Mother of All Battles 

Chapter 10: Palestinians in Kuwait: Terror and Ethnic Cleansing

Chapter 11, Beyond the War: Communism Is Dead, Long Live Islamism

References of the Gulf War


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