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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

On Day 219 of the US-Backed Israeli Genocidal War on Gaza Strip, 6 Massacres, 63 Palestinians Killed, 114 Injured, with a Death Toll of  35,034 and 78,755 Injuries

May 12, 2024 


Editor's Notes:  

Here are some initial (not final) statistics, which show the Israeli war crimes against humanity, during the current Israeli genocidal war on Gaza Strip:  

By May 12, 2024, the initial death toll of Palestinians who have been killed by the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza Strip is 42,034+.   

This includes the accounted for deaths (35,034) and those who are still missing under the rubble (Corrected on April 18, 2024: 7,000+). 

By May 12, 2024, the documented injuries exceeded 78,755, and more than 2,520 civilians have been abducted from Gaza Strip. 70% of deaths were for children and women.

By May 12, 2024, 500 Palestinians who were killed, 4,956 who were injured, and 8,710, who were abducted by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank, since October 7, 2023 (Some of the detainees have been released).

By January 17, 2024, about 661 detainees from Gaza are currently languishing in Israeli prisons as illegitimate combatants (the Israeli term for Palestinian fighters) in addition to more than 50 women from Gaza, who are detained in the Damon prison, noting that 8 women of whom have been recently released.

By March 4, 2023, the death toll included 13,420+ children, 8,900+ women (more than 72.8% of the accounted for victims), 364 doctors and medical staff, 132 journalists, and 48 civil defense workers. 

The total number of detainees in the occupation prisons until the end of December was 8,800, and the number of administrative detainees was 3,484.

By March 4, 2024, the Government Media Office (GMO) said that the Israeli occupation forces killed 364 health personnel, destroyed 155 health institutions, 32 hospitals, 53 health centers, 126 ambulances, displaced 1.9 million Palestinians, and destroyed 360,000 housing units, about and 60% of the buildings and infrastructure in Gaza Strip.



GMO reveals latest statistics on Israeli genocidal war on Gaza

Saturday 3-February-2024, GAZA, (PIC)

The Palestinian Government Media Office (GMO) in the Gaza Strip revealed on Saturday the latest and most significant figures on the Israeli ongoing genocidal war on the Gaza Strip since October 7.

This announcement comes as the latest updates from the GMO, showing the scale of human and material damage that resulted from the Israeli genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, on its 120th day.

The statistics demonstrated latest updates on the numbers of martyrs, missing, and wounded people in addition to the sick, displaced and prisoners as well as numbers of damaged structures and infrastructure.

Below are figures released by the GMO about Israels violations over the period of 120 days since the start of its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.

(2,325) Massacres (34,238) Martyrs and missing people. (27,238) Martyrs who arrived in hospitals. (12,000) Child martyrs. (8,190) Female martyrs. (339) Martyrs of medical staff. (46) Civil defense martyrs. (122) Journalist martyrs. (7,000) Missing, 70% of whom are children and women. (66,452) Wounded.

(11,000) Wounded people in need of travel abroad for treatment, (life-saving and critical cases). (10,000) Cancer patients facing the risk of death. (700,000) Wounded with infectious diseases as a result of displacement. (8,000) Cases of viral hepatitis infection due to displacement. (60,000) Pregnant women at risk due to the lack of health care. (350,000) Chronic patients at risk due to blocked medications.

(99) Cases of arrest among health personnel. (10) Cases of arrests among identified journalists. (2 million) Displaced people in the Gaza Strip.

(140) Government headquarters destroyed. (100) Completely destroyed schools and universities. (295) Partially destroyed schools and universities. (183) Completely destroyed mosques. (264) Partially destroyed mosques. (3) Destroyed Churches.

(79,200) Completely destroyed housing units. (290,000) Partially destroyed and uninhabitable housing units. (66,000) tons of explosives dropped on Gaza. (30) Hospitals knocked out of service. (53) Health centers knocked out of service. (150) Partially targeted Health institutions. (122) Destroyed ambulances. (200) Destroyed archaeological and heritage sites.


Grieving martyrs in Dair El-Balah hospital, who were among the 63
Palestinians massacred by Israeli genocidal air strikes and bombardment,
on May 12, 2024
An injured Palestinian woman screaming of pain, after her house had been targeted by an Israeli genocidal air strike, on May 12, 2024
Some of the displaced Palestinians leaving eastern Rafa'h under fire by
the Israeli occupation forces without knowing where to go for safety,
May 12, 2024
Palestinian Sameer Rummanah was killed by the Israeli occupation forces, which raided Balata refugee camp, in Nablus, on May 12, 2024
Site of an Israeli genocidal air strike on a residential neighborhood in Gaza Strip, May 12, 2024 Some of the Palestinian martyrs who were massacred by the Israeli genocidal air strikes and bombardment on Gaza Strip, May 12, 2024
Palestinians forced by Israeli occupation forces to flee Jabalya towards
Gaza city, without knowing where to stay and how they can find shelter,
medical care,  or food, May 12, 2024
Grieving the death of family members who were massacred by the Israeli genocidal air strikes and bombardment on Gaza Strip, May 12, 2024


" ٰ  ٰ "  ( 5: 32).

" " ( 4: 93).

"  ۖ   ۚ " ( 17: 7). 

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

"Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, unless for a soul, or for corruption in the land, it is as if he had killed humankind entirely" (The Holy Quran, Al-Ma-ida, 5: 32).

"And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him, and has cursed him, and has prepared for him a great torment" (Al-Nisa, 4: 93).

"If you do good, you do good for yourselves; and if you do evil, (you do it) to yourselves" (Al-Isra, 17: 7). 


While brutal force has been used to create Zionist Israel and sustain it thus far, Zionist claims to Palestine are false. Actually, from the five thousand years of known written human history, there has been a continuous Palestinian-Canaanite presence in the Holy Land. Despite the Zionist false claims, the ancient Israelites ruled part of the land for only 85 years (during the reign of Prophets David and Solomon , peace be upon them, and Solomon's son).

 After that, the Egyptians conquered Palestine-Canaan in 925 BC, followed by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, before the Arab Muslim rule, starting from 636 AD.

By the Time Jesus, peace be upon him, started his mission, the three population groups of Canaanites, Palestinians, and Israelites were melted together in religion and language. Most of them became Christians when Constantine converted in 313 AD. Then, most of them became Muslims in the 7th and 8th centuries AD.

So, Palestinian Muslims, Christians, and Jews are the ones who have the right to claim descent from ancient Israelites, Palestinians, and Canaanites, not Zionists from other continents.

No matter what the Zionists and their supporters do, they cannot change the will of God, Who promised the Holy Land to Abraham and his descendants, basically the Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

No matter how much persecution and aggression the Zionists and their supporters inflict upon the Palestinian people, they will never be able to force them out of the Holy Land, which Allah, praise to Him, promised for them, and kept His promise ever since.

This is a necessary brief background to understand the US-Backed Zionist Israeli continuous wars against the Arab nation generally, and the Palestinian people in particular, which included the wars of 1948, 1956, 1967, 1978, 1982, the brutal crushing of the two Uprisings (1987-1993 and 2000-2004), 2009, 2012, 2014, 2021, and the current genocidal war on Gaza (Since October 7, 2023), which has culminated a blockade of Gaza since 2007. In addition, the Israeli occupation and apartheid regime launched so many covert operations, raids, and air strikes on many Arab states since 1948.

The following news stories are just examples, not a systematic record, of the Israeli occupation government abuse, mistreatment, and violations of Palestinian human rights, on daily basis.

More detailed news stories can be found at the following sources:,,,

Editorial Notes about terms & names of people and places:

1. Names of people and places have been standardized to match standard Arabic grammatical rules.

2. Underlined letters and letters preceded by an apostrophe are references to Arabic letter sounds, which does not exist in the English alphabet.

3. The English letter i is equivalent to the Arabic short vowel known as kasra, as in Ibraheem and Qasim as well as in the English words sit and bit. So, it is incorrect to use it as a long vowel for such Arabic names as Jameel and Jibreel.

4. The English letter e is equivalent to the Arabi short vowel known as fat'ha, as in A'hmed and Mu'hammed.

5. It is more accurate to refer to the
land-grabbing Israelis, who establish illegal settlements in the Palestinian territory of the West Bank, as illegal Israeli settlers, than referring to them as colonists.

The term colony is a reference to a large entity or a country, such as American states before independence. It was also a reference to Egypt, and India, when they were British colonies.

In addition, the term "colony" represents a positive nostalgic theme, in the minds of native speakers of English, particularly in America and Britain.

6. It is more accurate to use the verb "abduct" than the verb "detain," in reference to taking Palestinian citizens by force to prisons and interrogation centers, by Israeli occupation regime soldiers. This is because the presence of the Israeli occupation regime forces is illegal in the Palestinian territories, and they have no jurisdiction over the Palestinian people.

Click here for more about using the apostrophe and the underlining of letters in the transliteration of Arabic names.


Borrell slams Israels evacuation orders in Rafah

Sunday 12-May-2024


European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has condemned the Israeli armys latest evacuation orders in Rafa'h, saying forcing civilians to evacuate to unsafe zones is intolerable.

Forcing civilians to evacuate Rafa'h to unsafe zones is intolerable. Israel is bound by international law to provide safety to civilians, Borrell said on his X page.

We continue to urge Israel not to go ahead with a ground operation in Rafa'h. This would further exacerbate an already dire humanitarian crisis, he added.

According to UNRWA, Over the last week, around 300,000 people have now fled Rafa'h, as the forced and inhumane displacement of Palestinians continues.

UNRWA warned on Sunday that there is no safe place in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Saturday, the Israeli army ordered further evacuation of Rafa'h, claiming that its upcoming military operations would target Hamas fighters in those areas, while its activities on the ground always lead to massacres and atrocities. 


Humanitarian disaster imminent as fuel depletes, municipal services face closure

Sunday 12-May-2024


Warnings of a humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip are growing due to the potential complete shutdown of municipal services within the coming hours as a result of fuel depletion.

Dr. Iyad Mughari, the mayor of Al-Nusayrat said in a press release on Sunday that the depletion of fuel within 48 hours foreshadows a humanitarian crisis and the occurrence of serious health and environmental risks.

He warned that Al-Nusayrat municipality, located in the central Gaza Strip, will cease its essential services within 48 hours due to the depletion of fuel necessary for operating water wells, sewage pumps, waste collection and disposal vehicles. Consequently, water supply in the network will be disrupted, sewage will overflow, and waste will accumulate in the streets, posing a serious health and environmental hazard.

Mughari held Israel fully responsible for any humanitarian catastrophe that may occur at any moment due to fuel depletion, describing it as a war crime that contradicts all international and humanitarian laws.

He called on all international organizations and institutions to urgently intervene and swiftly supply the necessary fuel for operating water wells, sewage pumps, and waste collection and disposal vehicles, especially considering that Al-Nusayrat is now home to more than 300,000 displaced individuals from various areas of the Gaza Strip.

For the seventh consecutive day, Israeli forces continue to close the Rafa'h and Karm Abu Salim crossings, preventing the entry of humanitarian aid, including vital supplies such as fuel, into the Gaza Strip. 


'Hamas calls on intl community to renounce its timid positions on Gaza

Sunday 12-May-2024


The 'Hamas Movement has called on the international community and the UN to abandon their timid positions, provide urgent protection for the defenseless civilians in the Gaza Strip and pressure for an end to the Israeli aggression against them.

The Zionist occupation armys announced launch of a military operation in Jabalya and its warning to the citizens living there to evacuate, amid criminal aerial and artillery bombardment, confirms that the terrorist Zionist government is insistent on continuing the genocidal war on our people in the Gaza Strip through bombing, massacres, displacement and the ongoing destruction of civilian structures, Hamas said in a statement on Saturday.

This is taking place in parallel with the operation in Rafa'h that has been ongoing for days, as well as with the incursion and crimes in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City and the escalating aggression against the civilians in all areas of the Strip, Hamas added.

'Hamas held US president Joe Biden and his administration fully responsible for Israels escalation of its crimes against children, women and elderlies, accusing them of providing cover for the Israeli army to persist in its practices.

This criminal escalation will not weaken the fortitude of our steadfast people or weaken the resolve of our valiant resistance, which will continue to stand and remain steadfast in the face of the Zionist killing machine until the aggression against our people comes to an end and the occupation is removed from our land, the Movement said. 


"A shocking atrocity": UN rapporteur addresses displacement of Palestinians in Rafa'h

GENEVA, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)  

Balakrishnan Rajagopal, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, said that he had never seen a shocking atrocity," addressing on the displacement of civilians in Rafa'h in the southern Gaza Strip.

This came in a post by the UN rapporteur on X about the forced displacement of Palestinians in Rafa'h at the hands of Israel.

In over 30 years of studying and engaging with communities affected by displacement, I have never seen a shocking atrocity like this, Rajagopal said.

The UN rapporteur pointed out that generations of Palestinians have been forced to flee several times.



UN Special Rapporteur: The Gaza Strip is experiencing a tragedy

TUNISIA, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, said that the Gaza Strip is experiencing a tragedy, citing Western countries' dismay over describing the situation in the Strip as "genocide".

During the opening of the two-day Palestine Maghrib-Mashroq Social Forum in Tunisia under the rubric of Palestine is our future; the war of extermination on Gaza is a challenge to human and democratic values, the UN Special Rapporteur described what is happening in Gaza as a tragedy, wondering: How can we ignore what's happening in Gaza right now? This is a tragedy.

She drew attention to the human rights violations being committed by the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip, including the killing of over 35 thousand civilians, 15000 of whom are children, stressing that Israel aims to take revenge against all Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur called on the international community to act to stop the Israeli attacks, stating: "I can say without hesitation that what is happening in Gaza is not a war, but rather a genocide.

There is a great deal of concern in Western countries about the use of the term genocide because the term genocide recalls the Holocaust. So how could Israel [the Jews] who suffered the Holocaust commit genocide? This is inconceivable. But that's exactly what Israel is doing now.

In her speech, the UN Rapporteur touched upon the protests held by people around the world against the Israeli attacks in Gaza, saying: "We must shore up student movements around the world.



UNRWA calls Israel's claims of safe areas in Gaza "false and misleading"

RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)   

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said on Sunday that Israel's claims that there are safe areas in Gaza are "false and misleading."

The Agency's Commissioner General, Philippe Lazzarini, expressed in a post on the X his concern over the ongoing displacement of Palestinians from their homes, noting that there are no safe areas in Gaza.

"The Israeli authorities continue to issue forced displacement orders also known as evacuation orders. This is forcing people in #Rafah to flee anywhere and everywhere," Lazzarini said.

"Since the war began, most people in #Gaza have moved multiple times: on average once a month.  They desperately sought safety that they never found."

He stressed that Israel's claims that there are safe areas in Gaza are "false and misleading," and that "no place is safe in Gaza."

The Palestinian death toll from Israel's deadly aggression against the Gaza Strip since October 7th, 2023, has now surged to 34,904, medical sources confirmed on Sunday.



Rights group: Israeli forces used three children as human shields

RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)

Defense for Children International (DCI) has documented instances of the Israeli occupation forces using three children as human shields during their recent incursion into the Toulkarm refugee camp on May 5-6.

In a statement released today, DCI recounted the testimonies of the three children, each telling their ordeal separately. The children described how Israeli soldiers forced them to walk ahead of them in the alleys of the camp while homes were being searched and residents instructed to leave. In two instances, soldiers allegedly placed their rifles on the shoulders of two children and fired shots.

Thirteen-year-old Kareem, in his testimony to DCI, described how around 30 soldiers stormed his family's apartment on the morning of May 6, detaining them in one room before forcing him to lead them through the apartment and into other rooms. He was then taken to the fourth floor of the building along with his family and found all residents of the building held there.

Kareem recounted how soldiers took him to the staircase accompanied by a large police dog, and while walking, one soldier placed his rifle on Kareem's shoulder and fired two shots towards an apartment door. Kareem tearfully pleaded with the soldiers, who shouted at him to be silent.

After searching the apartments, Kareem asked the soldiers where they were taking him. He was told in Arabic that he would accompany them and show them the way, in addition to opening doors of neighboring homes.

Upon reaching the first floor where his grandmother was unable to climb to the fourth floor due to her age and health, a verbal altercation ensued between her and the soldiers. Kareem described being exhausted and unable to stand due to the beating and fear inflicted upon him. He remained detained with other residents until around 7 p.m. that day, during which time they were not allowed to eat.

Similar incidents unfolded with 12-year-old Mohammad, whose family decided to seek refuge in the apartment of relatives in the camp upon hearing that Israeli soldiers had stormed and surrounded the area. Their relatives' apartment was located on the second floor of a building.

Mohammad recounted that around 8 a.m. on Monday, May 6, Israeli soldiers barged into the apartment and ordered those inside to leave. Despite his mother's pleas and desperate attempts to free him from the soldiers' grip, they forcibly separated him from his family.

"I remained alone with the soldiers after they instructed my mother and siblings to climb to the fourth floor of the building. I started crying and trembling with fear because I didn't know what they would do to me. They were armed, masked, and their appearance was terrifying, accompanied by a large police dog making frightening noises," Mohammad said.

He continued, "Afterward, they asked me to knock on the doors of the residential apartments in the building while they stood closely behind me, somewhat distanced. I had to ask the residents to leave. When we reached the door of one of the apartments and found it empty, the soldiers blew up the door and forced me to enter alone to inspect it. After informing them that it was empty, they entered, while I remained detained by one of the soldiers at the door of that apartment."

The same sequence of events repeated with 14-year-old Ibrahim, who stated to that on the morning of May 6, at around 9:30 a.m., Israeli soldiers stormed his family's home in the Tulkarm camp in a "brutal and terrifying manner," searching and vandalizing their belongings.

He added, "A group of soldiers took me to one of the rooms and began interrogating me. When I told them I knew nothing, one of them threatened me in Arabic and said (I'll smash you if you don't talk). Then he physically assaulted me for several minutes before handcuffing my hands behind my back with a plastic tie. They then took me outside and asked me to walk in front of the soldiers."

"I was trembling with fear and terror. At first, I thought they wanted to arrest me, but they asked me to walk in front of them in the alleys of the Al-Sawalma neighborhood in the camp. They would hide in the alley and ask me to show the way. After that, they released my hands, and every time we passed by a house or building, they would ask me to enter and ask the residents to leave and head towards the soldiers, after which they would raid those homes. During the raids, they would ask me to open the internal doors of the houses and apartments."

After about two hours, the soldiers took Ibrahim to a house in the camp and detained him with the occupants until their withdrawal from the camp, he reported.




Killing and Injuring of Palestinians in Ghazza (Gaza) by Israeli Occupation Regime Forces

On May12, 2024, Dr. Ashraf Al-Qidra, the Spokesperson of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the Israeli genocidal air strikes and bombardment on Gaza Strip resulted in 8 massacres, which resulted in the killing of 63 Palestinian civilians, and the injury of 114 others, in the past 24 hours. This increased the accounted for death toll in Gaza Strip to 35,034 and the injuries to 78,755, since the start of the Israeli genocidal war on October 7, 2023.   


Gaza: Death toll surges to 35,034 martyrs

Sunday 12-May-2024


The health ministry in Gaza said on Sunday that the Israeli occupation army committed eight massacres in different areas of the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours, killing at least 63 civilians and injuring over 114 others, while a large number of victims are still under the rubble of bombed buildings or lying on roads.

In a statement, the health ministry said that the Israeli army killed and injured a large number of civilians in different areas of Gaza during the past 24 hours, but only 177 of them, including 63 martyrs, were transported to hospitals.

The health ministry added that the death toll from the ongoing Israeli bombardments and shooting attacks, which started on October 7, climbed to 35,034 martyrs and the number of the wounded surged to 78,755 people.

The Gaza Strip has been under brutal bombardment since a cross-border operation was launched by Hamass armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, on October 7.

Besides the large number of casualties and the huge displacement of people, basic food, fuel, water and medical supplies have run out for the 2.3 million residents in Gaza due to the tight Israeli blockade and the massive destruction of infrastructure and facilities. 


Israeli genocidal war on Gaza Strip enters Day 219

Sunday 12-May-2024


As the US-backed Israeli genocidal war on the Gaza Strip entered Day 219 on Sunday, aerial and artillery strikes continued to pound and target different areas and massacre more civilians, especially in Rafa'h.

Reporters for the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) said that the Israeli occupation army continued to bomb homes in different areas of Gaza during the past 24 hours, amid escalating incursions in Rafa'h, Jabalya and Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

According to media sources, 12 martyrs and several wounded civilians had been evacuated to the Kamal 'Udwan Hospital during the past hours as a result of overnight Israeli attacks on northern Gaza.

Medical and civil defense crews are still making efforts to search for other victims under the rubble of bombed homes in northern Gaza.

An unknown number of casualties were reported following Israeli attacks on homes in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City and a house belonging to Al-Da'hdou'h family on Salahuddeen road near the Dalloul gas station.

Rescue teams were unable to reach the bombed areas in Gaza City and on Salahuddeen road because of the intensity of Israeli genocidal attacks.

Last night, medical and civil defense crews were able to recover bodies of several martyrs and evacuate wounded civilians following an Israeli attack on a house belonging to the family of 'Okasha in Al-Qasaseeb area in Jabalya.

Other casualties were reported in other areas of Gaza following Israeli aerial, artillery and shooting attacks last night and today.


Israeli bombing kills three Palestinians in Gaza neighborhood

GAZA, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA) -

Medical sources Sunday said that three Palestinian civilians, including a woman, were killed after an Israeli bombing of citizens homes in the Al-Sabra neighborhood in Gaza.

Local sources said that occupation artillery targeted the vicinity of Al-Zaytoun Clinic in southern Gaza.

The occupation artillery bombed residential buildings in Jabalya refugee camp, north of the Gaza Strip, and fired using helicopters and drones on anyone moving in the area.

The occupation artillery targeted civilians' homes north of Al-Buraij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.



Dozens of civilian casualties as Israel attacks multiple locations across Gaza

RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)  

Dozens of innocent civilians were killed or others over the last few hours as Israeli warplanes and artillery continued their relentless bombardment targeting various areas across the Gaza Strip.

In the town of Bait Lahya, northern Gaza, the bodies of 12 martyrs arrived at Kamal 'Udwan Hospital with dozens more feared trapped under the rubble due to continuous Israeli airstrikes pounding the city's northern neighborhoods.

Meantime, media sources in the North Gaza province reported that the Israeli occupation army expanded its ground onslaught into the eastern areas of Bait 'Hanoun and Jabalya, firing at schools sheltering displaced families.

Simultaneously, medical sources in Rafa'h, southern Gaza, reported that within the past 24 hours, 18 martyrs and six wounded were admitted to the Kuwait Hospital in the city, as the bombardment persisted across different parts of the province.

In Gaza City, local sources reported renewed Israeli shelling targeting the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, with approximately 16 civilians still trapped beneath the rubble of a destroyed house in the neighborhood, located south of the city.

In central Gaza, Israeli tanks opened fire on civilian homes in the eastern areas of Dair El-Bala'h and Maghazi. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

In a preliminary toll, the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7th last year has resulted in 34,971 documented Palestinian fatalities, in addition to 78,641 injuries and thousands missing.

In addition, thousands are feared dead under the rubble as ambulance and rescue teams continue to face enormous challenges reaching them, with Israeli occupation forces curtailing the movement ofand sometimes attackingambulance and civil defense teams.




Killing, Injuring, and Abduction of Palestinians in the West Bank by Israeli Occupation Regime Forces 


28 Palestinians detained by Israeli occupation forces across West Bank

RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)  

Dozens of Israeli occupation forces carried out a series of arrests across the West Bank during the previous 24 hours, detaining at least 28 individuals, including children and former prisoners, according to a joint statement by the Palestinian Prisoners Society and the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority.

According to the statement, the arrest operations were concentrated in Bethlehem Governorate, with additional arrests reported in Jineen, Ramallah, Qalqilya, Al-Khaleel (Hebron), and Aree'ha (Jericho).

The Israeli occupation forces continued to carry out incursions, widespread harassment, brutal beatings, threats against detainees and their families, as well as extensive sabotage and destruction of civilian homes, the two organizations added.

The statement further indicated that since October 7th, a total of approximately 8,710 detentions have been made, including those apprehended from their homes, at military checkpoints, those coerced into surrendering under pressure, and those taken as hostages.

These arrest campaigns serve as a central tool in the Israeli occupation's strategy of collective punishment, targeting Palestinian civilians amid the ongoing aggression on Gaza.



Palestinian killed, another injured by IOFs gunfire in Nablus

Sunday 12-May-2024


A Palestinian young man was killed and a child was injured on Sunday morning after the Israeli occupation forces (IOFs) raided Balata refugee camp, east of Nablus in the West Bank.

Medical sources identified the martyr as 27-year-old Sameer Rummanah, saying he died of a critical bullet injury in his head.

A Red Crescent ambulance crew also evacuated to hospital a 16-year-old child after he suffered a bullet injury in his back during the IOFs raid in Balata camp.

The Lions Den resistance group mourned martyr Rummanah, saying he was one of its fighters in Balata camp and died during clashes with Israeli forces.

Local sources said that Israeli troops stormed the eastern area of al-Quds street in Nablus City and Balata camp and intensively opened fire at local youths during clashes with them.

Meanwhile, Israeli snipers were deployed on rooftops of some buildings in Nablus and Balata refugee camp, while military bulldozers embarked on destroying roads and infrastructure.

Resistance fighters reportedly exchanged fire with Israeli soldiers and detonated an explosive device at a bulldozer during the events. 


IOFs kidnap several Palestinians, settlers attack homes in the West Bank

Sunday 12-May-2024


The Israeli occupation forces (IOFs) kidnapped last night and at dawn Sunday a number of Palestinian citizens during raids in the West Bank, amid settler attacks in some areas.

According to local sources, the IOFs kidnapped six citizens from the family of ash-Sheikh from their homes in Mara'h Raba'h town, south of Bait La'hm (Bethlehem).

In Ramallah, Israeli occupation forces stormed Qibya village and kidnaped two citizens after assaulting them during raids on their homes.

The IOFs also stormed Sinjil town in the northeast of Ramallah and fired stun grenades and tear gas canisters during clashes with local youths.

Meanwhile, a horde of the illegal Israeli extremist Jewish settlers attacked a house on the outskirts of Sinjil town and smashed its windows before local residents fended them off.

In Aree'ha (Jericho), two brothers were taken prisoner at an IOFs' checkpoint in the north of the city.

Two other citizens were kidnapped from 'Arraba town in southern Jenin, while another citizen was kidnapped from Faqquah village in the northeast of Jineen.

The IOFs also stormed different villages and towns in the Jineen province, with no reported kidnappings.

In Al-Khaleel (Hebron), the IOFs demolished the house of prisoner Nadeem Sabarnah in Bait Ummar town at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

In Nablus, violent clashes broke out last night between local youths and Israeli soldiers after a horde of the illegal Israeli settlers set fire to a house in Douma town.


Relentless Israeli genocidal airstrikes kill and injure several civilians across Gaza

GAZA, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)  

A number of civilians were killed and others injured at predawn today as Israeli warplanes continued their relentless genocidal bombardment targeting various areas across the Gaza Strip.

In Rafa'h, nine civilians were reported killed following an Israeli airstrike on a house in the city, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Local sources confirmed that most of the casualties were children, with several others sustaining injuries as a result of the Israeli bombardment on the 'Hashash family's home in the 'Arraiba area northwest of Rafa'h.

In addition to the attack in Rafa'h, Israeli warplanes conducted intense airstrikes on the Nusayrat refugee camp in central Gaza. Furthermore, Israeli drones fired shots towards ambulances near the UNRWA clinic in the Jabalya refugee camp, located in northern Gaza.

Simultaneously, medical sources reported that two individuals were killed and five others wounded after intense gunfire from Israeli Apache helicopters targeted the southern outskirts of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood in southeast Gaza City. The casualties were transported to Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City.

Israeli airstrikes also targeted residential homes near the 'Hasan Al-Banna Mosque in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, resulting in one fatality and six injuries. Medical personnel transported the casualties to Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City for medical attention.

Furthermore, the bodies of Dr. Mu'hammed Nimr Qaza'at, a medical doctor, and his son, Dr. Yousuf, also a medical doctor, were recovered following an Israeli airstrike on Dair El-Bala'h city in central Gaza.

The father and son, originally from the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City, had sought refuge in Dair El-Bala'h during the ongoing Israeli offensive on Gaza. Their bodies were transferred to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Dair El-Bala'h for further procedures.

In a preliminary toll, the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7th last year has resulted in 34,971 documented Palestinian fatalities, in addition to 78,641 injuries and thousands missing.

In addition, thousands are feared dead under the rubble as ambulance and rescue teams continue to face enormous challenges reaching them, with Israeli occupation forces curtailing the movement ofand sometimes attackingambulance and civil defense teams.




Aggression and Attacks by Illegal Israeli Settlers and Soldiers


Palestinian woman, 50, suffers fractures following attacks by a group of the illegal Israeli settlers near Bait La'hm (Bethlehem)

Bait La'hm (Bethlehem), Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)  

A Palestinian woman has Sunday suffered from fractures in her limbs after being attacked by a group of the illegal Israeli settlers, south of Bait La'hm (Bethlehem).

Activist 'Hasan Brijiyeh told WAFA correspondent that a group of colonists severely beat Kawkab Mustafa 'Ayish, 50, from the village of Artas in the south, while she was in her land in Khallet Al-Na'hla, near the village of Wadi Ra'hal.

Ayesh suffered from fractures in her hands and feet. She was subsequently transferred to a hospital in Bait La'hm (Bethlehem).

It is noteworthy that the colonists have recently escalated their attacks against citizens in Khallet Al-Na'hla area, including razing lands, uprooting trees, demolishing agricultural rooms, preventing citizens from reaching their land, and attacking them.



Israeli occupation forces demolish three homes in Aree'ha (Jericho)

Aree'ha (Jericho), Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)

Israeli occupation forces demolished three houses under construction today near the village of Nuwai'ma, located north of Aree'ha (Jericho) in the occupied West Bank, according to local sources.

'Hasan Mulai'hat, a local activist, informed WAFA that Israeli forces raided the community and began demolishing three houses under construction belonging to members of the Al-Kharabshah family.

According to the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority, Israeli authorities carried out 28 demolitions in April, targeting 33 structures, including eight inhabited houses, three uninhabited ones, five agricultural facilities, and others. The demolitions were concentrated in the governorates of Al-Quds (occupied Jerusalem) , Toulkarm, Aree'ha (Jericho), and Al-Khaleel (Hebron).



Illegal Israeli settlers attack vendor near Nablus

NABLUS, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)

A group of illegal Israeli settlers Sunday attacked a street Palestinian vendor at the entrance to the village of Bazaria, northwest of Nablus.

Local sources told WAFA that the illegal Israeli settlers beat a street vendor at the entrance to the said village, northwest of Nablus, and subjected him to searches.

It is noteworthy that settlers' attacks against vehicles with a Palestinian license plates have been repeated in the same place during the recent period.



Illegal Israeli settlers set fire to civilian house south of Nablus, no injuries reported

NABLUS, Sunday, May 12, 2024 (WAFA)  

Illegal Israeli settler militias set fire to a house last night in the village of Douma, south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank. No injuries were reported in the aftermath of the attack.

Local sources reported that a group of colonists infiltrated the outskirts of the village and set fire to a house, as well as spray-painted racist graffiti on another house.

Last month, Israeli colonist militias carried out a large-scale attack on the village, setting fire to dozens of homes and shooting at innocent civilians, resulting in multiple casualties.

Terror attacks by the illegal Israeli settler militias have seen exponential growth with the rise of hard-right Religious Zionism to the Israeli coalition government.



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